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    Landscape Design Services for the Indianapolis Area

    At Aspen, it is our philosophy that we would rather be “everything to somebody” than “something for everybody.”? To accomplish this, we focus on the design and installation of creative landscapes, dynamic outdoor living spaces, and impactful landscape lighting.? For those who desire professional assistance in protecting their landscape investment, Aspen also offers custom maintenance packages.? We work mainly with individuals in Hamilton and Marion counties and the surrounding area.

    Outdoor Living Spaces

    The creation of an outdoor living space could be one of the most important investments you make in your home.? It is an extension of your indoor living spaces.? Whether you desire a simple paver patio or an elaborate space with pergola, outdoor kitchen, fire feature, pool, or more, Aspen will design and install the perfect space by listening to your needs, injecting our creativity, and helping you through our Creative Discovery Program.? By asking the right questions, we can create a space you will enjoy for years to come.

    Paver Patios and Drives

    Paver patios are a great way to create an interesting, functional, and long-lasting outdoor living space.? Designed to fit your needs and installed to last 30+ years with minimal maintenance, paver patios are an ideal solution for the Midwest.? Whether you desire a modern look, a traditional look, or even a natural stone look, Aspen will help you find the perfect fit.? Our company is ICPI certified and has been installing Unilock pavers since 2004.? Our attention to detail, professionalism, and industry-leading quality complement our award-winning designs.

    Fire Pit Designs

    A fire feature can extend the season of outdoor entertaining well into late fall.? Whether you desire to interact around a fire pit or relax next to a fireplace, Aspen will listen to your needs and design the perfect feature into your outdoor living space.

    Outdoor Landscape Lighting

    Landscape lighting is the perfect way to set a mood in your outdoor living space as well as offer security at night and enhance curb appeal after dusk.? Many people do not get to enjoy their outdoor living spaces until after dark.? Therefore, landscape lighting is the best way to maximize your investment in a patio, sidewalk, or landscape.? Aspen’s designers can enhance existing elements with lighting or will incorporate lighting into the design of new spaces.

    Design of Wood Structures

    Designed specifically for each project and custom made on-site, Aspen’s wood structures add a feel of elegance to outdoor living spaces.? From pergolas for shade to screens for hiding utilities or privacy from neighbors, Aspen will take the time to customize a wood structure for your individual needs.? Our wood structures are made of cedar, a long-lasting, low-maintenance natural wood.? Our craftsmanship is matched by the level of detail we put into everything we do.

    Planting Designs

    Whether you desire a simple foundation planting, screening from neighbors, or an elaborate space created with plants, Aspen’s team of designers will use our creative abilities coupled with a vast knowledge of hardy plant material to create a timeless landscape design.? We specialize in low-maintenance plantings with seasonal interest.

    Design of Retaining Walls

    Walls used for retaining or seating can be more than just functional.? They can also have style and unique form.? When installing a wall for retaining, Aspen’s designers take the time to design a wall that is engineered to last decades.? Freestanding walls, also known as seat walls, are designed to complement the space, position those seated with optimal views, and give the space a more intimate feel.

    Pool Landscaping

    If you are considering the addition of a pool, Aspen’s designers can create the perfect space based on your individual needs.? We work with the most reputable pool builders in the Indianapolis area to create a pool that is both beautiful and functional. Whether you desire a fiberglass, vinyl liner, or gunite concrete pool, our attention to detail and our relationships with pool builders will ensure a well-done and well-managed pool project.

    Water Feature Designs

    What better way to relax after a long, hard day at the office or with the kids than to sit and listen to the calming sounds of a water feature.? Whether it’s as simple as a bubbling boulder, as impressive as a waterfall, or as peaceful as a babbling brook, water features reduce stress like no other outdoor element.

    Natural Stone

    Natural stone is timeless.? Used in a naturalistic setting, natural stone can offer many years of enjoyment.? From waterfalls and dry creek beds to patios and retaining walls, Aspen’s designers can incorporate natural stone into a landscape design to create a stunning look.


    In certain instances a deck is essential for the layout of your property. ?Whether it is a pressure treated, composite, or porcelain tile deck, Aspen is here to create an outdoor living area to fit your every needs.

    Expand your space to enjoy and entertain

    Outdoor Living Spaces

    Paver patios are a smart and enduring outdoor investment

    Paver Patios

    Stay toasty as you gather around your fire feature

    Fire Pits & Fireplaces

    Lighting to brighten your outdoor living space


    Cedar structures are custom made to meet your needs

    Wood Structures

    Plants add color, texture, and life to landscape designs

    Courtyards & Gardens

    Walls can add function and beauty to your landscape

    Retaining Walls

    Pools create an inviting escape in your outdoor space

    Pool Landscaping

    Water features make your landscape relaxing and refreshing

    Water Features

    Natural stone adds timeless charm

    Natural Stone Designs

    See the difference landscape design can make on your property

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