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    Design of Wood Structures

    Wood structures add a feel of elegance to outdoor living spaces while addressing practical issues at the same time.? Pergolas provide shade to make outdoor living more comfortable.? Wood screens are perfect for hiding unsightly utilities or offering privacy from neighbors.? The artistic design of wood structures can help you create a beautiful outdoor area that meets your everyday needs.

    Each of Aspen’s wood structures is designed specifically for the project and custom made on-site.? Aspen will take the time to customize a wood structure for your individual needs.? Our wood structures are made of cedar, a long-lasting, low-maintenance natural wood.? Our craftsmanship is matched by the level of detail we put into everything we do.

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    Expand your space to enjoy and entertain

    Outdoor Living Spaces

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    Paver Patios

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    Fire Pits & Fireplaces

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    Cedar structures are custom made to meet your needs

    Wood Structures

    Plants add color, texture, and life to landscape designs

    Courtyards & Gardens

    Walls can add function and beauty to your landscape

    Retaining Walls

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    Pool Landscaping

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    Natural stone adds timeless charm

    Natural Stone Designs

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    Landscape Design Examples
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